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Country: Brazil

Distance: 10,749 km

Travel time:  29 days

On postcard: Catanduva

Catanduva is a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Is the 2nd largest city in the North/Northwest portion of the state, 385 km from the city of São Paulo. The population is 112,820 inhabitants (IBGE/2010).

The city has a diversified economy, and the cultivation and processing of sugarcane is relevant.

Catanduva is the center of a Microregion with 221,465 inhabitants, in an area of 2,283.6 km².


The history of Catanduva begins in the middle of the 19th century, in lands that belonged to Araraquara and, posteriorly, originated the cities of Monte Alto, Jaboticabal and São José do Rio Preto. In the beginning of the 20th century, Catanduva was known as Cerradinho, a small village.

In December 16, 1909, the village was elevated to district, with the name of Vila Adolpho, and in April 14, 1918, the municipality of Catanduva was established.

The founders of Catanduva remain unknown. There are two different histories. One of the versions tells that the small community of "Cerradinho", a little town built on the banks of the São Domingos river, was founded by the Figueiredo family, from Minas Gerais. The other famous version tells that the city was founded by Antônio Maximiano Rodrigues, also from Minas Gerais, who bought lands on the region, by the end of the 19th century. Later, part of these lands were donated to the São Domingos (Saint Dominic) parish. Saint Dominic is the patron saint of Catanduva.


Catanduva (Caa-tã-dyba in Tupi-guarani language) is a word of indigenous origin meaning "rough grass" or "unhealthy vegetation". It is a reference to the Brazilian Cerrado, the region's typical vegetation.



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