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Country: Ukraine

Distance: 1,226 km

Travel time:  10 days

On postcard: Monument “To Sailor's Wife” in Odessa

September 2, 2002, within the celebration of the day of the city, there was opened the monument “To Sailor’s Wife” in Odessa Sea Port. The monument depicts a woman standing on the balcony floor, holding a baby in her arms and gazing into the sea further, waiting for the arrival of the ship. The author of the modest monument was the famous Odessa sculptor Alexander Tokarev.
Odessa was originally built as the port city, so the work of the half of its inhabitants in any way is associated with the sea. Once upon a time there was a phrase from Odessa citizens: "One half of the Odessa citizens goes to the seas, and other, better one, waits for them, staring intensely into the distance". That's why it was decided to erect the monument of loyalty, love and patience to those city residents, whose husbands furrowed sea space, to those, who saw off the leaving the warships of Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol in the autumn 1941, to those, who waited for the return of “Nakhimov” and failed to wait for it, to those, who has been expecting for the arrival of the tanker “Tuapse” for decades, which sank at the native berth, and to those, who waited for whalers of the fleets “Slava” (Glory) and “Sovetskaya Ukraina” (Soviet Ukraine).
The sculpture of the woman is very beautiful: in all her shape there is shown the unspent tenderness. She is modest, with big sad eyes, and looks like a living: there is a feeling that the wife and child suddenly come alive. At the foot of the monument there is a small speaker, which plays the song by L. Utesov about the wives of seafarers.
The monument symbolizes also the fact that at the present time in all corners of the globe the thousands of wives and children are awaiting for the arrival of the head of their family, but not all of them can meet the husband or father again.



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