SI-54094 423 - ая открытка

Country: Slovenia

Distance: 1,154 km

Travel time:  10 days

On postcard: Kranj

Kranj (known in historic sources at various times as Carnium, Creina, Chreina or Krainburg) is the third largest municipality and fourth largest city in Slovenia, with a population of 54,500 (2010). It is located approximately 20 km north-west of Ljubljana. The centre of the Upper Carniola region (northwestern Slovenia) is a mainly industrial city with significant electronics and rubber industries. The historical region of Carniola (Slovene: Kranjska) is named after the town, which was its provincial capital in the early Middle ages.

The city is now also known for its sports facilities, including soccer tennis and basketball, as well as the biggest aquatic centre in the country, which hosted the 2003 Men's European Water Polo Championship (along with Ljubljana, hosting the women's competition). The annual Teden Mladih (Youth Week) festival and Festival Carniola are very popular.

The nucleus of the city is a well-preserved medieval old town, built at the confluence of the Kokra and the Sava rivers.



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